New South Wales Trains

Note: Most of these photos were taken in the year 2000 so the information and even the liveries are now somewhat out of date. 8142 at West Ryde This is a photo which I took in near darkness at West Ryde, on a night of train watching. This loco had stopped at a red signal, so I had a chance to take a few quick photos. I also got a tour around the inside of the train.

Junee Roundhouse visit 20th February, 2000.

EL54 under Austrac Control This photo is of EL54 in the yards ready to depart from the roundhouse. EL54 has been named "Bone crusher" EL52 ready for refueling This is of EL52, which at the time this photo was taken was idling in the yards near the refuelling point. EL52 is known as "Light fingers" as is painted on the side of the cab. EL51 in original AN livery EL51 lives on, albeit in the original green and yellow AN livery of the original owners. This unit was coupled to EL54 facing towards the up direction ready to lead out of Junee Roundhouse. GM22 on display Probably not intentionally so, but GM22 looked as if it had just come out of the paintshop in this photo. It mysteriously appeared overnight and was up in Junee for a few days before returning to Melbourne during the week. It was to be escourted back to Melbourne by another Great Northern loco, T387 on the following Thursday as 4SM7. 4498 after withdrawal 4498 inside Junee Roundhouse sheds, looking as though it had well and truly done it's dash after 30 years of reliable service. 4807 in storage at Junee 4807 is also in storage, however this loco is in working condition and will be eventually used by the Junee Roundhouse Historical Society as a working demonstration. 4814 in original AN livery 4814 has been refurbished after Austrac purchased this loco from State Rail (NSW) It is in service and is one of the locos that Austrac actually own themselves. 4836 in Austrac Livery This loco was sitting in the roundhouse when I visited again, painted and owned by Austrac. C503, cranked to death This is the one and only ex-Victorian loco stored at Junee, and unfortunately it may stay that way - in storage that is. It has a broken crankshaft which could prove costly to repair, so at this stage is in storage until a decision is made about it's future. It is supposedly in otherwise good condition. Although it appears in V/Line livery, it actually belongs to National Rail, as they took over the C class as part of the deal by which they were formed. Update: C503 was subsequently re-engined and is back in service. Smaller toys at the roundhouse museum This model railway set was originally owned by the Ambassador of Turkey, and upon his death was shipped out to Australia and reconstructed at the roundhouse museum. It is a fabulous piece of "artwork" and well worth a visit in itself if you are in Junee.