Victorian Trains

By reuben, 21 November, 2005
9080 on 12 Feb 2000, made up of G516, P20, S307, X34 and X33 This is a decent sized lashup consisting of G516,P20,S307,X34 and X33 + 44 hoppers, as it passed through Sunbury on the down at about 14:15 on 12 Feb, 2000. Unfortunately the photo is blurry - this is due to the fact that I had no warning that this train was coming so merely had to "point and shoot" as it went past. The train was heading to Bendigo where P20 was detached; the rest of the train continued on to Piangil. Y157, the Bendigo Shunter Y157 is presently based at Bendigo where it performs routing yard shunting duties. It also often makes freight trips to Boort and Bridgewater along with other visiting locos. Y157 is a fairly low powered and old loco, one of many which were built for what was VR in 1963, but still remain in service. G521, A frequent visitor... G521 is a member of the "G" class locos which frequently visit Bendigo often on their way through. The G class are used for freight haulage. This one was sitting just south of Bendigo Station on the morning of 12 February 2000.