Bent - Ariels

By reuben, 4 March, 2006

Sarah got onto this band a few weeks ago and got me to cough up for some CDs from this band.  So we got them, and I coughed and swallowed the $100 price a bit begrudgingly - not knowing what I was being asked to pay for.

However now that we have them I must admit that at least one of these CDs is a brilliant piece of creativity that I have found a real pleasure to listen to - and I've stolen the CD so I can listen to it all in the car.

Ariels is one of those upbeat CDs that has simply superb use of chords, bass and lyrics.  It's easy to listen to but shows immense talent on the part of the authors.  The lyrics are also quite good ("Handstand in the grass" out of "The Waters Deep" for some reason is one line that I always remember).

Lots of good reviews about this album around, but it's so....unheard of.  I've never heard of this band before, and there must be plenty of people like me.  These guys have done several albums before, but they weren't as much to my liking - still good but not as good.  Ariels is their latest release in 2004.

Anyway, if you're into semi-ambient easy to listen to music that has talent and sounds good up fairly loud, get this one.

Ariels, by Bent.