Life coming up to Christmas

By reuben, 18 December, 2006

Despite the fact that things have been "going to change" for a period of months now, I don't think I could have ever imagined how things are now.

- 6 months ago I made the decision was made to shift (yet again)

- 3 1/2 months ago it actually happened and I boarded a plane bound for Sydney

- 3 months ago I got a good job (after starting to get a bit dismayed at the lack of responses, an interview came up at short notice - and I got the job)

- Just over 2 months ago I moved into my place at Arncliffe and a few days later...

- Started back at work - and in many ways it is my dream job.  Lots of challenges, lots to learn, lots to do and some flexibility to actually make changes.  The only minor hassle is the travel time to and from work, currently clocking in at 1:15-1:30 each way.  But it could be a lot worse.

Overall I would say that it has definitely been a change for the better.

The only downside so far of the whole experience is that I have burnt through a big heap of money - the move itself has turned out to be pretty expensive.  It would have cost $6k to move, another $3k to settle in, perhaps $2k to help Sarah and Liam settle in, and I've bought a few fairly pricey things since arriving here such as a nice phone, some computer gear including a new switch, and some cool Aboriginal paintings for my walls, so obviously the cash reserves are at an all time record low right now.  Hopefully that will come right going forward as I'm pretty much out of things I need or wanted to get now and can start to get the best use out of the things I now have (now saving for a car but that's a slightly longer term item).  Got to have something left to wish for in my New Years resolution :-)

But the one big reason I moved was so that I could continue to see Liam on a regular basis, and fortunately that has happened.  I get to have him every weekend and have had him through the last couple of Monday's as well.  He's a dream kid, and I am lucky to have him.  It's always a slightly sad moment when he leaves to go back with Sarah at the end of the weekend.

I can see what people say when they talk about putting their kids first.  Until you have kids of your own you just don't quite understand what it is like.  Kids really do change the way you view life.