By reuben, 20 February, 2006

As a Network Engineer, I occasionally find myself trying to figure out reverse wildcard bits for Cisco router access lists.  For some reason Cisco use these reverse wildcards instead of normal ones in ACLs.

That's fine, except I can never work them out in my head as I know the most basic ones by heart, the slightly less basic ones I can calculate in my head, but the tricky ones are a bit hard going.

By reuben, 3 February, 2006

Over the last few months the amount of spam I have been receiving has been increasing, so I thought I'd have a tidy up and try keep more of it out.  Fortunately Thunderbird/Spamassassin has been doing a really good job of classifying spam as spam, and putting it in my junk folder.

By reuben, 2 February, 2006

Someone asked me at the weekend what I thought about being a Dad.  I answered at the time that I did enjoy it.

By reuben, 30 January, 2006

Today I took a series of photos on the trip from Whatakatane to Auckland via Tauranga, (Sunday 29 January 2006).  I took particular interest in finding out what was left of the line that ran from Apata to Waihi as this line has now been closed down and the rail pulled up.

I've put the photos up on my gallery. You can find those pictures here.

By reuben, 12 January, 2006

Gallery2 module is hosed for some reason, probably because I ran an update on the gallery code and also drupal.

Update 25/01, I managed to fix it partially, to the point where it mostly works.  There are some issues with links in the bar on the right hand side block too but I'll get to them soon.

By reuben, 10 December, 2005

After a couple of attempts, I managed to upgrade both this site and Liams' site to drupal-4.7cvs.  The first couple of times I was having weird issues such as everything looking ok but no content.  However this time it seems that the database upgrade script did it's thing mostly the right way and we've now got a site with more functionality.

By reuben, 26 November, 2005

Some reorganisation of the files in /files/kernel, slightly better documentation of what exactly is in there and various small updates.

Still got this dreaded problem with some train pictures being screwed up in Internet Explorer though.  They look fine in Firefox, which is standards compliant in this regard, but in IE have all these ugly scroll bars which should not appear.  Now if only IE handled 'object' tags as it should......

Also some minor glitches with the gallery photos, but nothing too major.

By reuben, 26 November, 2005

Having found out on about some mails to Optus which were bouncing, I discovered that my system had been added to the SORBS Dynamic User and Host List (SORBS DUHL) along with 126 other hosts on my ISP.

By reuben, 24 November, 2005

Finally after a protracted struggle going on since about August 2005, Stephen Hemminger <> the sky2 linux card driver author has finally figured out what it is that causes my sky2 card to work so sporadically.  It seems that the linux kernel option CONFIG_PROFILING completely hoses the sky2 driver:

diff -u 2.6.15-rc1-mm1.config 2.6.15-rc2-mm1.config
 # Instrumentation Support
+# CONFIG_PROFILING is not set
 # CONFIG_KPROBES is not set

By reuben, 21 November, 2005
9080 on 12 Feb 2000, made up of G516, P20, S307, X34 and X33 This is a decent sized lashup consisting of G516,P20,S307,X34 and X33 + 44 hoppers, as it passed through Sunbury on the down at about 14:15 on 12 Feb, 2000.